Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tubes and Car Seats! Day 103!

5 pounds 13 ounces

Well I think they are saying that Calen is just been here at the hospital far to long so they are crash coursing him now in order to get him out of here or at least know for sure what they have to do so they can get him ready for home. They decided yesterday that they would go ahead and remove his NG tube. It is official out and he just eats when and how much he wants and we just need to continue to monitor it and ensure that he is gaining weight by doing this. He is still not taking 100% of the volume but he is at least still at the 85% mark so he is not have any regression at this point. Holly is getting ready to feed him now, so hopefully she will be able to get a full bottle down him. 

They made the attempt today to take him completely off oxygen. It didn't get past 10 minutes though before he was desaturating a lot and they were forced to place him back on oxygen at his regular rate of 0.25L/min. We didn't know they were doing to do this, they just informed us that the had attempted him today. This is reassuring the need for oxygen at home, we are going to have to make plans for the Fidelity company to come and get his oxygen set up here in the next days. 

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