Friday, July 29, 2011

Surgery and Unexpected Life Events! Day 167!

9 lbs 4 ozs

We are up 3 pounds since his discharge from the hospital, and we have definatley came a long way since his birth at 1 lb 6 oz.

Hello everyone! Have you missed this blog, I sure have. It feels really good to get back on here and talk about what is happening, one with Calen and two what is going on with the rest of our lives. Lets talk about some background information just in case there is some catching up needed. We we discharged on May 31, 2011 from the NICU, this was such a change from the prior 109 days, no more hospital to deal with. We got home and since that point things have went really good, infact I believe I can even say that it went better than we had planned for it to go. We had lots of practice though, the nurse at MIVH NICU were awesome and they made us feel very comfortable transitioning to the home environment. We took Calen home on 1/4 L of oxygen that he wears all the time as well as an apnea monitor which does go off from time to time but for the most part is rare and nothing that we much worry about anymore except the lugging it around part. We have finished the bulk of our out patient appointments that we have had to do, we will continue to followup with the pulminologist at Children's as he is the one who makes the changes on his lasix and his oxygen. So far we have made 1 change and that is changing his lasix 6 mg to 3 mg. We may get the chance to decrease more and ultimately be off the oxygen somewhere around the end of August.

One of the nurses starting to check all his vitals signs and asked us questions about his health history prior to surgery.

Calen giving us a little smile white he was waiting.

He was complaining the lights were to bright so I let him borrow my shades. That's what any good dad would do. 

The hernia issue has been around ever since he was in he hospital. He had a known left inguinal hernia that we knew that needed surgical repair, there was the possibility that he would have a right one but the surgery showed no problems on the right and nothing had to be done. So they did surgery today and it went easy and fast. They did the procedure completely laproscopic, they looked at both the right and the left, they made the repair to the left side hole and that was it, took them about an 1 and 10 minutes, he was under general anasteshia the entire time. He came out of the anasteshia without problem and was awake when they brought him to his room. They thought he was having a bit of pain, so they did give him some morphine before coming to us and he tolerated it well, made him a little pale looking, but he seemed to be comfortable. He sleep for a good 2 hours or so after the procedure, he drank some glucose water and some formula but not much.  They also did a circumsicion during the surgery as well. Since they knew he would have to surgery when we were in the hospital they never did it. At this point I am pretty sure that is causing him pretty much all his pain. Poor kid.

They were giving Calen some medications. H was getting Tylenol for fever/pain and Atropine to dry up the secretions in his mouth. He took the medications pretty well.

Getting ready to leave, momma holding his hand. The nurse on the right is a really nice guy, he talked to us about his food blog and food travels, very interesting.

So cute, they put this tiny little baby in a huge bed, he is like a little island in the ocean.

Off he goes, probably enjoying his view of ceiling tiles and lights on the way to the OR.

The night quickly progressed and Calen rested. We had to leave for a while so he had some time alone to get some quite in the room. We feed him again at 1:30 in the morning and then we all slept till around 7 am when the doctor came in and said he was discharged. They didn't actually let us leave though till around 10 am. So the all and all he did really well, no problems at all.

His cage, I mean crib.

Calen right after surgery. They had just given him the morphine, he was very pale and quite when he got back. They were really nice though, they didn't roll him in a bed or anything when they gave him to us, they just carried him, then Holly got to hold him. He was in like 6 warm blankets too, made me hot just standing there.

I was having a little 1:1 time with Calen. He was in a very good mood all through the day of surgery.

This was his iv site on his right foot, they started his IV after they had him to sleep.

On another note we were heading to the hospital in the morning for the surgery and Holly got a call that her Grandmother had became unresponsive and was being transported to the hospital by ambulance. It turned out to be a really bad situation, as there is a very poor prognosis at this point that she will have any recovery. She went into full cardiac and respiratory failure. They were able to get her heart beating again, but remains on a ventilator. They feel that she went a very long time without oxygen to her brain that she sustained significant, irreversable brain damage. They are continuing aggressive treatment at this time there is Decisions
  to be made still, only time and GOD will tell.