Monday, May 23, 2011

Help Me Grow! Day 101!

5 pounds 10.8 ounces

So I went back though the calender to count up all the days we have been in the hospital since the day Calen was born and I had to correct my day count in the subject line. Wow 101 days, crazy!

Calen is continuing to improve with his bottle feedings. There was a bit of a change on his bottle feeding, they changed him over to a evenflo bottle with a formula designed nipple. Holly has completely quit breast-feeding at this point. She wasn't even coming remotely close to making enough milk to supply for him and there was the improvement when she was on medication but once she took the medication she was so tired that she wasn't able to function. So bottle it is. He is drinking, he is showing improvement. They are making the recommendation tomorrow to remove Calen's NG tube. They feel that they could pull it, let him eat the amount's that he wants to eat and wait and see if he gains weight. Sounds like a awesome idea to me so we shall see what they decide to do. 

We went to a program tonight called Help Me Grow. It is a state wide program that runs via independent components in each county. They offer help to people that have children with needs get public assistance and seek all available programs and resources. It was an interesting program and we got free food and we spent about 45 minutes making scrap book pages for Calen's Help Me Grow album. The book they provide us with gives you a guide to how to keep track of all of Calen's important information so it will make it easier for us in the future when we are visiting doctors appointments and what not. 

The Drive Home!

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