Friday, June 10, 2011

Appointment Updates Home Day 10! (118)

Well home life is getting much easier and everyone is settling in. Since day 1 Joey has been great with Calen. We have not had any problems with him being jealous or acting out negatively because of a new person being in the house. We believe Joey is just happy that we are home everyday now with him. Calen has had plenty of follow up appointments to attend and we have got through a majority of them. Two days after being out of the hospital we went to the pediatrician. They did a well baby check up and gave him some routine shots. He is healthy, no noted problems. Last known weight was taken yesterday and he is 6 pounds 8 ounces. 

We had a home health care visit the next day, we really didn't have any question for her though because we had already seen the pediatrician and she answered our questions, plus this lady was kinda wacky, she told us that we should not swaddle him, thought that was odd. 

Next thing we did was go see the surgeon and the audiologist. Surgery is scheduled for July 13 at Children's in Dayton. They will be doing surgery to repair the left inguinal hernia but prior to operating the surgeon will laproscopicly look at the right side as well to see if there is a hernia on the right side, he said that hernias were much more common on the right than the left and since he did have one on the left, there was a good chance that he had one on his right, it just wasn't showing, so he will check that out. The surgery is pretty simple and is normal one that they have and go home same day, but due to Calen's age and oxygen needs he has to stay for 23 hour observation, so we will be spending the night. As for the audiologist, it was great news and that he passed his hearing test on both ears. I held him though out the test and he was pretty well relaxed so it went quickly and smoothly. 

The next day we went back to Children's to see the Dietician to check up on his eating patterns. The Dietitian did a check of height, weight, head circumference, all those good things and said that he was doing great, that there was no real eating concerns at this point and as long as he is growing then we have nothing to worry about. We do have to keep him on Neosure though until at least the end of the year which is an expensive premie formula. 

We were supposed to be seeing a Pulmonologist in two weeks after discharge but there was no available appointments. We have to wait until July 8 to see one. They will be managing his oxygen and lasix therapy. So until we get around to seeing them Calen has to stay on oxygen and the meds. 

Speaking of medications, while we were at the pediatrician we asked about Calen having really bad acid reflux, she had no problem with treating it and he was started on Zantac, it is working like a charm already and he is able to lay flat in his bassinet now without lots of crying. Calen really is on a schedule and is pretty easy. We feed him every 3 hours and other than that he is a really quite kid and he loves being in his swing, that is where he sleeps the best at. 

I know you guys are probably ready for some pictures so I ill get them up, hopefully tomorrow, I am excited for Saturday, it will be the first day where Holly and I actually don't have to be anywhere, we can just stay at home and relax a little bit and we finished a surprise for Joey so he will have fun playing on his new Jungle Gym tomorrow. 

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